Thursday, September 28, 2006

Laos Journey Part I

In July of this year, I traveled in Northern Thailand and Laos. It was my second time in the small, landlocked country in the mountainous interior of Indochina, but this time I was able to make it beyond the messy frenzy of the capital, Vientiane.

Luang Prabang, near the geographical center of the country, is an old French colonial town, which thanks to its well-preserved architecture, has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Surrounded by the Mekong River, jungles, waterfalls, isolated hill tribes villages, and only one hour from Bangkok by flight, it's not surprising that the town has become a new favorite among travelers to the area. The nicest part is that, while the people are friendly and the costs very reasonable, there is a lot less of the seedy, hyper-commercialized tourism scene that is common in most of Thailand.

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G said...

Hey, some pretty cool photos here.

I especially like the path, the leaf, and the monk. Kind of sounds like the name of a book, doesn't it?

"The Path, The Leaf, And The Monk"