Thursday, November 09, 2006

Palace Guards

From 1392 to 1910, Korea was known as the "Kingdom of Great Joseon" and was ruled by a royal family which was deposed and sent to Japan for re-education after the Japanese occupation began. The capital of Joseon, relocated to Hanyang (later Seoul), was the site of the Royal Palace at Gyung-Bohk-Goong (경복궁). The palace, parts of which were destroyed by the Japanese occupiers, has been and continues to be restored as a tourist attraction. On national holidays and on weekends during the summer, the palace, now a tourist attraction, is the site of re-enactments of royal parades and changing-of-the-guard ceremonies, one of which is pictured here.

I took these photos on a film camera and when I had digital images made from the negatives, the photos turned out rather grainy. I decided to soften the images to solve the problem - it lends a faded, glimse-into-the-past kind of effect that I think is actually quite nice.

Why can't military, police, and public officials have uniforms like this anymore? I, for one, would love to wear hanbok to work every day.

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