Friday, October 06, 2006

Baby Brountas

My good friend Nik and his Jejunian (?the proper adjective?) wife Hyun Ju have a lovely 5-month-old daughter, Erin, or 에린, and I have appointed myself honorary uncle, with full rights to visits and occasional short-term kidnappings. I wonder if what they say about babies helping you score with potential romantic interests is true. If it is, with a cutie like this I'll have dates for months . . .

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Kristen Wiseman said...

Awww!! Erin is SO beautiful!!
Nik and Hyun Ju, you are very lucky parents, you have a gorgeous baby!! (by the way, this is Adam's neice, Kristen)
Nik and Hyun Ju, I imagine you will have to keep your eye on here when she gets older, the boys will stop in their tracks when they see her, haha.
ps: Love You Uncle Adam!!
Love Kristen, xoxo