Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two of the World's Three Best Nephews-And Nieces Too!

Well, it seems that I have raised a few hackles by publishing a picture of myself with one niece and one nephew: the others were left out so...this is for all of y'all...

The above is Canada Day, 2006 in Kingston with Devin, the budding flyboy, and Conor, the gamer-genius, my sister's boys. Above, from left, Phil, oldest brother and god (small "g") in his own right, Dad, Jessica, Stephanie (whose 8th Grade Grad it was that day), Mom, and a horribly coiffed moi at the homestead in Orangeville.

To MJ, Louise, Dale, Bill, and all other beloved, you shall have your day.

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Phil Wiseman said...

hey adam your site looks really nice.You are getting pretty good at this website thing.I will keep checking it to watch for changes.Hey whats with the god crack asshole,you puttin me down muther f----r.Bye for now