Sunday, October 29, 2006

What Is It?

Anyone able to guess what this is and where in Seoul it can be found?

The winner gets a free cup of bondaegi. MMM.


Jeff said...

Haven't been there, but appears to be part of the new river/stream/fountain parkway area...starts with a ㅊ or ㅈ I seem to recall.

Will pass on the bondaegi.

jeff said...

...having checked out a few more of your entries, will confirm my first guess, but add the name I was trying to reach out for with my comment about ㅊ/ㅈ. I'll now go with 양제 천.

Still pass on the snack, thanks.


Excellent guess Jeppuh...actually not 양제 천 but 청계천 in the center of Seoul - the one they tore down an expressway to to uncover and rehabilitate. This is one of several carved stones blocks which stand sentry at the top lip of a waterfall there.

Not a bondaegi fan, huh? How about some dd'uk bboki?